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Session 2 - July 23rd - 27th 
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Self Confidence is the foundation of all great success and achievement 

Brian Tracy

Sure Kids Mini Camp's focus is to teach kids to connect to who they are, believe in themselves, and make wise choices that result in positive outcomes for themselves and others. 

Today children are faced with more options and pressure than kids in any other generation. Confidence is more often connected to what others think or what we have instead of who we are and what we can share. Sure Kids is an SEL (Social Emotional Learning) based camp engaging children ages 7-10 through videos, games, experiments, role play, and art.


The best part?


Kids don't even realize they're learning because they're having so much fun playing and creating.  

Session 1   

Monday "What we Really Want"

More toys? More trips? More Clothes? While these things make life enjoyable, what we really want are the feelings that come from them. 

In this class, kids will need their thinking hats to research the difference between physical things and emotional fulfillment, experience a challenging obstacle course, and craft a goal box to remind them that although physical things are great as goals what we truly want is long lasting emotional fulfillment.

Tuesday "Making Wise Choices"

They made me do it! 

Kids often do things they know are wrong, but aren't sure why they choose this, or even how to choose differently. 

In this class, kids will experience a puppet show, role play, play human tug of war, and craft their own puppets.  By the end of this class kids will understand the thoughts they have that challenge them to choose actions like yelling, hitting, & name calling, and will learn strategies to choose actions that make win win situations for everyone involved. 

Wednesday "Soaring Self Confidence"

It's not easy to do the right thing, when you don't believe in yourself.  

Through demonstration, role playing, and affirmation picture frame making, children will discover the positive characteristics that are unique to them and how to tap into these qualities when they are having difficult time in order to successfully soar through challenges. 

Thursday "CHILL OUT"

We all have challenging moments when our difficult emotions get the best of us. 

Chill out is part of a 4 step system to pause a negative reaction, calm down, and choose differently.  By engaging in fun demonstrations, role play, meditation, and origami, kids will better understand their feelings, what their challenges are, and how to calm themselves and choose differently no matter where they are.  

Friday, "Sharing"

Sharing is not just caring, it's building friendships, making the world a better place, and expressing your unique gifts and talents.  Sharing is also one of the quickest paths out of feeling upset, angry, or other negative emotions, and reclaiming self confidence. 

By taking part in demonstrations using water and light, playing games, and making frisbee art, children will discover that they never actually lose anything when they share, and that the more they share, the more emotional fulfillment they get. 

Session 2


Monday "Zoom Out"

Although judgement can come from a gut instinct which helps kids stay away from dangerous people and situations.  Judging others and situations before we have a full picture prevents us from making the best choices possible.  .

Through games, story telling, and art, children understand the importance of gathering more information before coming to a conclusion about other people or situations, and learn the 4 step system to stop them from judging. 

Tuesday " I Appreciate..."

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Kids often have a challenge seeing the good in other people or situations.  In this workshop, children will play an appreciation game, take part in an experiment, and craft appreciation boxes while learning that the more appreciation we have the more room we make for good things to come into our lives, 

Wednesday "Kick Fear & Doubt"

Believing in ourselves means knowing what our positive qualities are and being able to share them even when it gets hard. 

Through interactive video, discovery games, geode breaking, and craft making, kids will identify their doubts and break through them to share their true gifts and talents.


Thursday "Resistence"

I want it now! We've all heard it, and often feel it.  

Resistence is the ability to delay gratification and choose long lasting fulfillment over temporary fulfillment. Through light bulb experiments,  treat challenges, and games, children will practice delaying instant gratification and experience the fufillment that comes with long lasting fulfillment. 

Friday "Making a Difference"

All our actions, no matter how small, make a difference in the world.  In our final mini camp workshop, kids will experience demonstrations and cooperative games helping them to discover the impact they have on others, how sharing their gifts and talents can make the world a better place, and most importantly, that its never too early too start making a difference in the world around them.  


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