We Are All Connected

In times like these, when current events are more unsettling than usual, and things generally seem chaotic around us, it is important for us to be able to speak to our children in a way that will reach them, calm them, and maybe even give them some wisdom that they can put to use in their lives.

There is a universal concept that we are all connected. Some will say that we are all connected because we are all human beings, and we all live on earth and enjoy mother nature. Others will say that we are all connected because we all have a heart, and lungs, and blood running through our veins.

The way I choose to explain our connection to each other, is the way I've come to describe it throughout the years. We are all connected by the light we carry within us and share outside of us. The actions we take in our own lives can and do affect the world around us.

This concept, can help us understand both sides of the coin.