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Welcome parents and caregivers, you're in the right place! (14).png

Where children learn emotional intelligence tools in small groups for 8 weeks; 

Tuesdays 4:30pm - 5:30pm est (Ages 8 - 10 years old)

Or Wednesdays 3:00pm - 4:00pm est (Ages 6 -7 years old)

Starting FEB 22nd & 23rd

$279 (+ 10% off with code "KIDSCIRCLE" until Feb 18th)

Welcome parents and caregivers, you're in the right place! (22).png

What your children will learn in the circle...

  • To define emotions and see all of them as friends that show up to guide them instead of experiences to push down or run away from.  

  • The 4 emotions zones and how each one affects their actions, ability to learn, and focus and how to navigate them with self care strategies.  

  • What happens in their brain when they're stressed, upset, or angry and what do about it. 

  • How to tune into their bodies so they can be mindful of feelings and self soothe or ask an adult for help if they need it.

  • How to tell the difference between positive and negative thinking, how these impact their feelings and ways to shift into positive thinking 

Welcome parents and caregivers, you're in the right place! (13).png

8 once a week live Zoom sessions (60 minutes)

Small Groups (6 learners max)

Stories, Games, Discussions, Mindfulness Practices, & Printable Resources

Weekly video emails teaching you how to bring the learning home

Free Q&A sessions weeks #4 and #8

Discounts on future circles

My son benefitted from these classes in ways I didn't think possible.  He used to hit, throw his game controller, and curse when he got angry, now he asks for a break or walks to his calm corner we worked on as a family to take one on his own. His self esteem has skyrocketed because of this and we are all more at peace because of it. Highly recommended. 


The tools that Hannah taught my daughter has helped her be more mindful of her feelings, she names them to tame them as Hannah taught her to do, and she is able to calm herself more than before.  I am proud of the results of their work together and look forward to future sessions. 


These classes helped me and my kids change our whole dynamic.  The online session plus the family work was just what my kids needed to understand themeslves and what  I needed to be able to understand what my kids were going through and set us up for being able to continue the progress together after the sessions were over.  I am ever grateful for them. 


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This offering is currently unavailable. 

Please sign up to be added to the waiting list.

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