Join us in small groups for 5 weeks 

Sundays 11:15 AM - 12:30 PM (EST)

Starting September 19th 


Thursdays 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM (EST) 

Starting September 23rd

Only $249 (10% off with code "earlybird" extended until Sept 17th)

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What you can expect to learn in the circle...

  • How awareness can help us to respond instead of react, and awareness practices that work.

  • Why children have tantrums, meltdowns and "bad behavior" and what to do about it.

  • The science behind why recognizing and validating emotion is better than reward and punishment and how to practice it in real life.

  • How to break free of our own childhood experiences and beliefs that block us from being the parents and educators children really need.

  • How to view challenges with children as opportunities for skill building.

  • How to structure your time and environment for success overall emotional wellness. 

5 once a week live Zoom sessions (75 minutes)

Small Groups (10 learners max)

Resources, tools, and strategies to bring children on your journey

Real Conversation

Ongoing Support

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This course was life changing. Not only did it help me as a mother, it also helped me on a personal and professional level as well. Being aware of my feelings on a deeper level and understanding where they are coming from has helped me become much more of a proactive rather than a reactive person. I also feel myself empathizing more with other people’s “reactions” and trying to understand what they are feeling that has caused them to respond in this way. Emotional intelligence is at the core of every situation in your life. If you have control over your emotions, you have so much more control over your life. Anyone would benefit from this course. I highly recommend.



I would recommend this to everyone, not just parents or educators. The course was transformative in the way I approach my own emotions and regulate my nervous system. I appreciated Hannah's approach to teaching EI.



I can't believe how much I got out of the last 5 weeks. This course has helped me tune into myself so that I can calm down and really see what my 2 year old needs. I really didn't expect these strategies to be so focused on me, but I am so glad they were! 

Taking care of my feelings is how I can really be there for my daughter, my husband, and everyone around me. 



  • Learning Circle Thursdays
    Thu, Sep 23
    Online Live Session
    Sep 23, 7:00 PM EDT – Oct 21, 8:15 PM EDT
    Online Live Session
    Bring emotionally intelligent practices into your life, home and/or classroom in the circle!