What if you knew how to reach your child or student/s  through the challenging moments? 

What if children could learn how to pause and redirect in times of emotional stress? 

The Whole Child Coach

Hannah has had a passion for children since she can remember. As a child she used to daydream of her own classroom in which she and her students would discuss the dreams they had the night before and what they meant and other topics that were not the norm in a school classroom at that time.

Through her experience in public schools and many years as a character education teacher for children, school programming facilitator, and parent facilitator Hannah came to grasp the need for a whole child approach. An approach that  involves not only the child's social and emotional wellness but also the wellness of their parents and educators to create a system of harmony between all. 

As a private coach she supports children, young adults, parents, and educators to lead with emotional intelligence.  She also leads courses and workshops for children, parents & educators. 

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whole child coach

Upcoming Sessions 
Do you want to know more about how private sessions work, cost, or if they're right for you?  Or would you like to setup sessions for yourself, your child, your family, or a group? 

Send Hannah an email to setup a 15 minute complimentary discovery call. 

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