We prepare our children for the workforce, but do we prepare them for their emotions?

We teach children, their parents, school faculty and staff practical tools to overcome emotionally challenging situations. 

Based on Social Emotional Learning Best Practices, dynamic lessons teach children & adults tools to focus on and achieve goals, strengthen and build relationships, overcome challenges like fighting, arguing, and bullying, transform negative behavior, and make wiser choices. 

Featured Programs

Winning the Game of Life

The Winning the Game of Life curriculum is an award winning social emotional education program that improves children's outlook in as little as 3 weeks

Children who take this course:

  • Have a stronger ability to manage tough emotions.

  • Experience lower frustration levels and fewer clashes.

  • Express improved confidence, tenacity, and grit.

  • Have deeper connections with parents, siblings, and community

Adventures in Wisdom

Adventures in Wisdom takes children on a journey towards mindset development through coaching stories and experiential activities encouraging more success at home, at school, in relationships, and most importantly within themselves

Children who experience target coaching develop

  • Self confidence

  • Self esteem 

  • Resilience

  • Self Leadership

  • Decision Making


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Yossef Sagi

Life Performance Coach & Former Director of Development

Spirituality for Kids 


For all the years I've known Hannah, one thing was always clear - her passion to help make positive change in children's lives. She's lived this with every inch of her being and it translates into the care she shows with each and every child.  She is well equipped and experienced with all the techniques and tools necessary to help any child succeed.

Andrea Grinbaum




Hannah works so well with children. She listens to them and understands their needs and gives them tools they can use to succeed. Hannah is fun and fun loving and children enjoy her company. That makes them open to hearing what she has to say.

Michele Disken Greco




"I've known them since they were born...and while they have always been amazing children, I can absolutely see the impact that the time you've spent together has had on their lives. 

The Coach

Whole Child Coach was founded by Hannah Hernandez Falk.  Hannah has been working with children professionally, in different settings since the age of 15.  After an early career in the school system,  Hannah embarked on a personal growth and self development journey while also training for and becoming a Social Emotional Learning teacher.


Though at 2004 the concept of SEL (Social Emotional Learning) had not really taken form, Hannah immersed herself in the concepts and practices together with hundreds of children a week in over 20 classrooms as well as, parents, school faculty, peers, and colleagues. Her goal to make a direct impact on the lives of children has led her into developing and teaching curriculum to families in transitional homes, and leading countless family courses.  Today she offers private coaching for children,  as well as programming for schools, after school programs,  and homeschoolers.

Her mission is to combine her education, experience, and passion and empart it to families, community centers, and schools.  Hannah is currently developing a community  based program for parents and children in NYC. 


Hannah holds a B.A. in Psychology, has focused her continuing education on Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, and Positive Psychology practices, is a Certified Wisdom Coach, Trained SFK Teacher, and Certified SFK facilitator. 

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