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The Whole Child Coach

Helping children and teens manage their emotions, solve challenges, develop a growth mindset  and build resilience to face life's daily challenges with a positive mindset.

Supporting parents and educators in connecting with and reaching children or students through evidence based strategies that work. 

Through her experience in public schools as a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) teacher,  SEL school programming facilitator, and parent facilitator Hannah came to grasp the need for a whole child approach. An approach that  involves not only the child's social and emotional wellness but also the wellness of their parents and educators to create a system of harmony between all. 

As a private coach she supports children, young adults, parents, and educators to lead with emotional intelligence.  She also leads courses and workshops for children, parents & educators. 
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whole child coach

Want to know more about private sessions? 
Would you like to setup sessions for yourself, a child, your family, or a group? 

Send Hannah an email to setup a complimentary discovery call. 

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